Who We Are


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The Painter’s Pot mission is to provide an inspiring space to allow for your inner artist to emerge. Providing a space for the creation of memories is our goal. The Painter’s Pot is a place to design and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

We are conveniently located off the Central Avenue exit of Highway 80 in Richmond. We offer an extraordinary experience for young, old, amateurs and professional art students.

Our services range from Birthday Parties, adult BYOB parties, glass fusing, Daddy’s Night Out, Pet Parties, Home School Activities, Day Care Fun and coming soon clay parties. Our primary service area includes Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany, El Sobrante, San Pablo, Pinole and Berkeley although we are pleased to offer events to whomever is interested.

Art therapy offers a number of amazing benefits. It allows for personal self-expression and an easing of tensions. Art therapy or tactile therapy can aid growth in mobility, self-awareness, social skills, imagination and creativity. It can enhance the quality of your life and surroundings.

We also offer mobile services. Please call to make those arrangements.